Students may apply to 经营大学 after completing their junior year of high school. All students are automatic所有y considered for academic scholarships; no additional paperwork is required. 基于需求的援助申请需要保密家庭财务报表, which can be completed after being admitted; the FAFSA is non-applicable.




领导奖学金优先考虑日期. 12月初通知. 5月1日存款.



优秀奖学金优先考虑日期. 二月初通知. 5月1日存款.



四月初通知. 5月1日存款.



11月中旬通知决定. 12月15日前存款.




Applicants can apply using Hillsdale’s online application or via 常见申请. 两者都得到了同等的考虑,在线申请都不需要付费.

在线申请 通过通用申请申请

除了申请外,申请人还必须提交以下材料. Applications and supplemental application materials should be received prior to final deadlines, 届时,所有提交的文件将被审查. 在申请过程的任何部分不得使用人工智能工具.


我们要求 官方 成绩从 所有 您曾经就读或目前就读的院校. 这包括高中和大学. 如果成绩单包括过去学校的成绩, 这些院校不需要寄送单独的成绩单.


Students applying via 常见申请 will use the 常见的应用程序 recommendation template. Recommendations for Hillsdale’s online application can be submitted through the application’s online form, 或者使用下面的推荐模板.



使用通用申请的申请人将回复一份 通用申请论文提示 和Hillsdale会员屏幕简短回答问题. 使用cq9跳高高网站在线申请的申请人将回复一封电子邮件 Hillsdale短文提示和简答题 通过写作补充表格. 所有的回答都应该代表你自己的作品.

官方ACT, 解释水平理论,或坐成绩

Applicants may further demonstrate academic preparedness by supplementing the application file with an 官方 ACT, 解释水平理论, 或坐分数, 或者可以选择在没有标准化考试成绩的情况下申请. Application files with standardized test scores and those without will receive equal 考虑 for admission and scholarship.

For those submitting scores, the highest composite from a single sitting will be considered. cq9跳高高网站没有超级得分. cq9跳高高游戏的坐代码是1295. cq9跳高高游戏的ACT代码是2010年. cq9跳高高网站也接受经典学习测试. A labeled high school transcript with complete scores is an acceptable substitution for an 官方 score report if sub scores and testing dates are included.


A résumé of extracurricular activities, leadership, volunteerism, and work experience is required. 请在所有项目中注明日期/年级.


All applicants to 经营大学 are strongly encouraged to sit for an cq9跳高高网站 interview before or soon after applying. 校园参观 作为安排这样一个约会的最好方式. 地区面试机会,以及为远程候选人提供的虚拟面试. 联系 你的cq9跳高高网站顾问 欲知更多详情. 一旦申请人准备好了,欢迎他们参加面试, 但要确保有足够的时间考虑, the interview is recommended no later than two weeks before the chosen application deadline.


有大学学分的学生: Students wishing to receive 经营大学 credit for any college coursework taken while in high school must submit 官方 transcripts from the institution(s) granting credit. A student who has taken and received one or more college credits but has never enrolled full-time as a degree-seeking student should select “Freshman” on the application.

转学: A transfer student is any applicant who is presently or was once enrolled full-time at another institution working towards a degree. 除了列出的申请要求之外, transfer students must submit 官方 transcripts from any institutions at which college credit was received, 以及学生院长转学表.


自主学习的学生: Candidates for admission from homeschooling backgrounds are required to submit high school transcripts from the primary educator. We prefer that courses be listed on one page, be organized by year/level, and include grades. 如果课程是在各种情况下(例如.e. 合作社、行会、协会等.). 详细的课程描述, 教材使用, 和/或高中阅读清单可以提交除了成绩单, 但不应超过五页. If a homeschool student dual-enrolled at the college level during his or her high school education, please submit 官方 college transcripts once the courses are concluded to be considered for transfer credit.

Letters of recommendation should be written by individuals not related to the applicant. 如果主要教育者是家长,则应由他/她提交第三封信.

国际学生: Candidates for admission from other countries follow the customary entrance procedures while also being responsible to submit 所有 transcripts with English translation. 如果此服务不可用, 鉴定可以由经批准的鉴定机构进行, 如 世界教育服务(WES) or 教育证书评估公司. (ECE). 其他有信誉的机构可以在 nace的网站. Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency by submitting the results of the TOEFL or an equivalent test (ACT, 解释水平理论, 雅思考试, 见过, 坐, 或WAEC也可以, 英语技能测试达到B1级或更高, ECCE达到B2级, 或完成108级或以上的ESL课程).

客人 & 特殊的学生: 客人 students are students in good standing at another institution who plan to return to their home institution but desire temporary enrollment at 经营大学. They should obtain an application form in the records office of their home institution, 或者联系cq9跳高高网站大学本科cq9跳高高网站办公室.

Permission is granted to a limited number of Special Students to enroll for fewer than the minimum number of credit hours carried by a regular student. These students pay the per-credit-hour tuition fee and enroll for not more than eleven hours of coursework each semester. 他们必须遵循标准的申请程序.

资深cq9跳高高网站: 光荣服役的退伍军人遵循通常的本科申请程序. A Commanding Officer Endorsement and the last two performance evaluations will supplement the typical two required letters of recommendation from academic/civilian references for 自由的奖学金 考虑. 也需要面试 自由的奖学金 考虑. 一旦承认, a copy of form DD214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty will be part of the final financial aid 考虑 process.




学生使用 the Hillsdale online application will have the opportunity to upload most supplementary items using their admissions account.


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学生使用 常见申请 可以直接通过通用应用程序提交所有补充材料吗.


如果你对录取过程有任何疑问, 或者需要帮助提交申请, 请在正常办公时间通过电话与我们联系, 或者通过电子邮件.

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