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Hillsdale College is a small, 基督教, classical liberal arts college in southern Michigan that operates independently of government funding. Our students come from nearly all of the United States and a dozen foreign countries, and drawn to the challenge of a Hillsdale education, they grow in heart and mind by studying timeless truths in a supportive community dedicated to the highest things.


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Hillsdale 学者

In addition to a major field of concentration, all Hillsdale students study a classical liberal arts core curriculum, steeping themselves in the spiritual and intellectual inheritance of the Western Tradition. They meet great ideas from great thinkers throughout history and gain new perspectives as their studies reveal the interrelatedness of knowledge.

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Hillsdale 社区

The 荣誉准则 sits at the center of campus life, and unites Hillsdale students around honor, 诚实, 责任, 和尊重. It’s a commitment to self-government, and creates a community mindful of the habits that build moral and intellectual virtue.

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After Graduation


A classical liberal arts education from Hillsdale College turns out to be excellent preparation for employment or future graduate or professional study, but the long-term value is in the preparation for living a good life in pursuit of what’s good, 真正的, 和美丽的.

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